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Support for the Edmonton Food Bank

It is our tradition to give back to communities that have adopted us wholeheartedly. What most of us are today is thanks to Edmonton, Alberta and Canada in general. This city has given us shelter, jobs, education and more. We are in a position to feed ourselves and the rest of our families. Under the framework of giving back to our communities, LECDA Edmonton linked up with the Edmonton Food Bank so that we can volunteer our services there. We went to Food Bank and packaged food items that are eventually distributed to individual and families in need in the community. What a joy giving back to our community. This exercise was coordinated by our then Financial Secretary and Outreach Coordinated George Njuacha. George, thank you for the indefatigable community spirit. Lecda Edmonton is more than ever committed to supporting the Food Bank in any way necessary.

Keeping our City Clean

Lecda Edmonton considers itself part and parcel of the city of Edmonton. The city of Edmonton is our partner and we cannot spare any effort in working together. Lecda Edmonton has been participating in city clean up events. As a community association, we must keep our city clean. It is part of our civic duties as Edmontonians. From picking up garbage on the streets to cleaning parks and helping in tree planting, Lecda Edmonton is more than committed to stand up and be counted as a major partner of the City of Edmonton’s efforts in hygiene, sanitation and greening program of our great city. On this occasion, we cleaned at the Ravin Community Park