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Why Fund Raising Cultural Event 2023?

  1. To support Landed Immigrants Residing in Edmonton.
  2. To Support the lone hospital ( Mary Health of Africa) in Lebialem caring for our people affected by the ongoing crisis in SW Cameroon.
  3. To Support the Edmonton Food Bank.



LECDA receives traditional equipment

Our culture is our identity, and we do everything possible to preserve that culture and pass it on to future generations. It was with great pleasure that LECDA Edmonton received traditional equipment from our committed member Delphine Ntemgwa Beleh. Delphine, a LECDA-Edmonton member at the time spent huge sums of money to purchase and transport this equipment from The Cameroons to Canada. The equipment included among others, drums, and gongs. It should be noted that this equipment was donated free of charge by Delphine. Receiving the equipment, our then President Agendia Aloysius, thanked Delphine for the selfless sacrifices. He stressed that LECDA has been moving from height to height because of the commitment of its members. Alexander Nkenfua is currently the President of LECDA Edmonton, and took over from Mrs. Delphine Ntengwa Beleh who held the position til December of 2022.

LECDA EDMONTON and the political/humanitarian crisis in the Cameroons

LECDA-Edmonton members have expressed their frustration with the ongoing humanitarian crisis in The Cameroons from some political armed conflicts pitting forces of La Republique du Cameroun and a separatists/”restorationists” group calling itself Ambazonia. The latter is seeking to create a different republic separate from the French dominating la Republique du Cameroun, although some of its members think a two state federation of equal status is the solution.

This crisis that has hit Lebialem so hard. Villages have been deserted as inhabitants flee from, troops from La Republique du Cameroun. Schools have come to a standstill and the Focolare Movement which is like the lifeline of Lebialem is almost at the verge of leaving the division. Faced with the increasing insecurity and humanitarian crisis, LECDA Edmonton members have contributed some money to help the displaced victims of war.


On Saturday, June 24, 2017 the Lebialem Cultural and Development Association, LECDA-Edmonton was officially launched. The event which took place at the Sejong Cultural Centre was a culmination of months of preparations. The event brought together close to a thousand people also saw the active participation of fellow LECDA branches like LECDA Calgary, LECDA Saskatchewan and LECDA Montreal.

During the event cultural dances and cuisine from Lebialem were displayed for our guests to savour. Some of the dances included Esieh, Asamba, Abanda and the famous Nteh dance performed by LECDA Calgary. Speaking during the event, the chief launcher and chairman, Eugene Natty Choimah said the event was one of a kind. He admitted that no other cultural event in Edmonton has been of the same magnitude as what LECDA Edmonton presented. He encouraged other cultural groups to copy the example of LECDA-Edmonton. The president of LECDA-Edmonton, Agendia Aloysius, on his part thanked all the participants with special emphasis on the members of LECDA CALGARY, Lecda Saskatchewan, LECDA Montreal, Bafut Manjong-Edmontion, Manyu (MECA) Edmonton, Kupe Mangeuba family meeting- Edmonton, Oroko-Edmonton group, Bali Nyongha association, Po’Mea (Menoua meeting), Edmonton Savannah Association etc.